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Exchange Service for Electronic Components

Quick – easy – low priced – without risk. These are the characteristics of our
exchange service for electronic components.
This means: Immediate shipment of tested exchange equipment at calculable
competitive costs. Thus, highest availability of your machines is ensured.
This is an additional module of the global Dürkopp Adler Premium Service
which targets to increase your productivity and the recoverability of the
machines as well as to reduce risks at our customers.
How does it work?
Step 1
Please send us the material number of your defective equipment together with
a description of the error. This is already sufficient to place the order under the
below stated conditions (see reverse side).
Step 2
We immediately send you an available exchange equipment to a fixed price
plus freight charge.
Step 3
You send us your defective equipment within 14 days after your order. We
check and repair the same and use it as a “new” tested exchange equipment.
No risk
• You receive a 12 months warranty on the exchange equipment.
• In case that in your and our tests we find out that the defect was not caused
by the exchanged equipment, then you only have to pay a EUR 25 lump sum
plus the freight charge.
Pick up service
On request we also organise the pick up of the defective equipment at the
Contact your local sales partner or Dürkopp Adler directly:
Dürkopp Adler Elektronic Service Team
Phone: 49 521 925 2540
Fax: 49 521 925 2589
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